Our History

Our hotel is owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church In Tanzania. We are located in the heart of the spectacular and renowned port town of Bukoba and just 5 Km from the Bukoba Airport. Stay off the unbeaten track, and stretch your legs as you venture into the leafy countryside of Kagera, expanding your lungs on activity and adventure above comfort, on travel that will reward you with life experiences.


The tropical climate, the vegetation, the flavors, and the local aromas, the beautiful landscape that forms the backdrop to historical and traditional events of the Bahaya and other tribes in Kagera region: ELCT Bukoba Hotel & Tours is a warmly welcoming destination, and it is ready to be discovered.


The Difference

With a historic touch, the facility lies in 5 acres of the impeccably manicured landscape of lush gardens and luxuriant lawns where comfort, warmth, and complete retreat pertains. It is distinctive and stylish and presents you with an executive experience while on holiday or business trip to the Kagera region.